(Tlacopac – Nahuatl - verdant place of hedges and reeds).

In order to apply for an Artist Residency at Tlacopac International Artist Residency, it is necessary to create an account with Submittable.

The following information is provided in response to inquiries from individual artists, performing arts groups, and university/college/conservatory/educational institution applicants.

1) Tlacopac International Artist Residency was intentionally established as an inclusive residency, since the launch of its "beta version" in January-February 2018, involving in its planning, implementation, interactivity, immersion, and all residency activities, Native People from within Mexico and around the world; AfroMexico and African diaspora artists from around the world; JapaneseMexico and all Asian cultures; ArabMexico & Arabic artists from around the world; LGBTQ artists from within Mexico & around the world; college, university, conservatory, & all other educational constituents with an interest in "convivencia" or the deep "living together" experience that is so rich a component of Latin American cultures. In short, Tlacopac is intentionally inclusive.

2) Applicants who found Tlacopac through Crossing Bridges LLC or Facebook.com/Tlacopac are referred to the PAMAR site as PAMAR functions as the Fiscal Partner of Tlacopac. 

3) We charge an application fee to discern who is a serious applicant and who might be randomly submitting to a variety of residencies.

4) Tlacopac Founder Jan Hanvik has been involved in the field of artist residencies in many capacities since approximately 1986, beginning with a consultancy to the artist residency program of the National Endowment for the Arts (U.S.)  Some residency programs pay their adjudicators; some do not.  Tlacopac uses application fees to pay adjudicators, to attract the most professional and objective adjudicators, so that they will treat applicants with the same professionalism with which they approach all other aspects of their careers.

5)  In cases of hardship, the modest application fee will be refunded to applicants who are not selected for a residency.

6) For one application fee, applicants will have their application reviewed up to 3 times, on the condition that they submit updated supportive application materials to strengthen a rejected application. 

7) Tlacopac International Artist Residency was officially launched December 19, 2018.  In our early stages, there will be regular updates. At the time of this writing, fees are estimated below.  The establishment of a scholarship fund for artists in need is in development.

a) Individual Artists: $375/week including airport transfers, Mexico City Airport to Tlacopac,  3 meals a day, & a private room.  (Spouses are not allowed to share unless working on exactly the same project.)  SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED. 

b) Performing Arts Groups $1200-$5000/week, depending on # of artists (2-10) & administrators (1-2), and requested Add-On's such as: Translators; bus or van for private tours; arranging of performance or exchange opportunities; opportunities to interact with Mexican counterparts; special meals; & the like. SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED.

c) College, University, Conservatory, Educational Institution performing arts groups; visual arts/art history/Study Abroad/indigenous studies, & other programs: $7000 - $15000/week, depending on # of students (5-10) & professors (2-3), and requested Add-On's such as: Translators; bus or van for private tours; arranging of performance or exchange opportunities; opportunities to interact with Mexican counterparts; special meals; & the like.  SPECIFIC INQUIRIES WELCOMED. 

8) Since Tlacopac is a new residency, in Year 1 we have no music instruments or special equipment. We will help artists rent or borrow what they need. Afterwards, with the help of Year 1 artists, we will do a survey of what equipment support is most important to artists and make every attempt to buy it.

(Tlacopac – Nahuatl - verdant place of hedges and reeds).

Founded by NYC-based Project Manager Jan Hanvik, in the southern part of Mexico City, this residency will be dedicated to the practice and pursuit of all art forms. A rarity for artist residencies worldwide, RETIRO ARTISTICO TLACOPAC welcomes not only individual artists, but also performing arts groups - theater, dance, & music- and college or university level performing arts programs, as it includes a wood-floored performance gymnasium suitable for the development of works by 2 up to 10-12 members. The 5-bedroom house with ample gardens and patios is historic in its connection to the lives of groundbreaking Mexican avant-garde composer Conlon Nancarrow and his former wife Annette Nancarrow, painter and jewelry designer, and assistant to the great Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco. The TLACOPAC RESIDENCY will revive the hotbed of cultural activity that was Mexico City of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, welcoming diverse artists from all cultural, national and ethnic backgrounds, to contribute to global dialogue through the arts.

Tlacopac International Artist Residency